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In 2011, the United States faced a crisis of exorbitant unemployment rates among veterans.  Corporate America attacked the challenge head on and that rate is now lower than the national average.  Today we face another challenge with veterans. Countless military veterans, both current and former, face the challenge of post-traumatic stress and are struggling to face life out of battle.  Although the numbers have decreased from 22 per day to 17 per day – 1 is too many.  In December 2019, companies from around the United States have stepped up alongside the Veterans Administration and signed a pledge to ensure Veterans Well-being.  SMASH for Troops wants to carry the torch.

SMASH for Troops is now centered to tackle this challenge by both veteran empowerment and as a pathway to success. Together, SMASH for Troops will embrace organizations such as Bunker Labs, which creates an incubator for Veterans to start their own business, Casualties of War which supports veterans that are in desperate need of camaraderie, and Camp Hope an immersive PTSD organization talking them off the ledge and countless more in assisting and employing veterans with the right frame of mind.

Our military veterans have provided us the opportunity to live in a free democracy. They deserve us as corporate America to step up and give back to the nearly 1% who have stood up and said, “yes, send me!”

SMASH for Troops will accomplish this by:

  • Holding a weekly peer-on-peer bootcamp at SMASH HQ.
  • A motivating, yet challenging bootcamp mixed with a masterclass will not only give our veterans who have PTSD an outlet, but also the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Working with organizations such as Bunker Labs to provide our veterans how to be successful as an entrepreneur.
  • Empowerment through mentorship and camaraderie.
  • Annual FIGHT For The Troops held in Los Angeles, CA.

The military teaches our veterans valuable skills like discipline, structure and accountability, but they do not teach the skills of entrepreneurship and becoming a self-starter. During this initiative SMASH for Troops will incorporate successful entrepreneurs, iconic celebrities and sporting legends to teach and empower our veterans in need.

* MMA Pioneer and Advocate for our Veterans, Ken Shamrock adding his SMASH For Troops stamp of approval.

“Every SMASH event features an element of charity like that of other major sports leagues, it’s something we take great pride in. Why? Because everyone is FIGHTING for something.” – Steve Orosco. To date SMASH Global has raised funds and awareness for a number of amazing nonprofit organizations, which have ranged from Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to The Discrimination Free Zone to create a culture of equality.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your generosity and willingness to give back.


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