Taglyan Complex

Professional MMA Gets Royal Treatment

The preferred location for Southern California’s most extravagant wedding receptions, awards ceremonies, charitable events, fashion shows, and now professional MMA, the Taglyan Complex Grand Ballroom surpasses other Los Angeles venues in both majesty and technological amenities.

Perfect for Dazzling Red Carpet Entrances and Inspiring Outdoor Photographs

The Taglyan Complex Courtyard and Gardens provide a serene, European-inspired escape from the frantic pace and overwhelming noise of the surrounding city.

Illuminated by a state-of-the-art LED lighting system which emanates custom colors from the venue’s hand-crafted, 5,000 square foot stained glass ceiling, the ballroom renders all who enter its impressive, 7,000 square foot event space speechless. The SMASH guests especially adore Taglyan’s seven tear-drop crystal chandeliers and fairytale-like fog that enshrouds the CAGE while the fighters compete in hand to hand combat. We favor the ballroom’s high-definition video projectors, intelligent moving head spotlights, and powerful, professional sound system that provide an endless amount of energy during each SMASH event.


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